Bauhaus Festival 2021

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Cat's cradle // Performance by Paola Anziché (Italy)

Paola Anziché is concerned with interactive exercises such as weaving without a loom. For her, creative weaving is a simple and involving activity that is created through the interactive participation of people. It involves weaving threads in a repetitive mechanism coordinated by the group. This playful, hands-on exercise increases visual-manual coordination as well as tactile-sensory skills, so that, among other things, the imagination of the participants is strengthened.

In contrast, she chose the full-body exercise Cat's cradle as an interactive performance for the Bauhaus Festival 2021. Here, the participants decide on a particular drawing and combine it with two or three contributions from other participants in order to (re)present them with their own bodies. The performative action consists of transferring and dissolving the drawings into a practical, manual and physical exercise. Part of the performance is the challenge of one's own expectations, as the realisation always turns out to be different than anticipated.