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THE EARTH SOUNDS, February 9 - April 16, 2022
Quartz studio, Torino, with a critical text by Hortense Pisano.

Rug hive, 300 x 500 cm- jute fabric
Woven net, 300 x 500 cm -bess waxed fabric.

The Earth Sounds is an invitation to the viewer to dive in and luxuriate, to reflect deeply upon the relationship between art and nature.

The work confronts the viewer with himself, with his own subjective perception and with his own behavior in space.
When entering, the visitor is invited to walk on the beehive carpet without shoes, and then physically enter the work. Upon entering the work-environment, you will notice the presence of a persistent odor.
The smell is actually the scent of beeswax that is released from the net that expands into space from above, a sort of carpet, in which strips of colored fabrics, soaked in beeswax, intertwine. Beeswax has a calming effect.
The smell of beeswax stimulates the nervous and perceptive system of our body and influences our mood.