Natural Fibers, 2016

38 suspended woven sculptures: rope, raffia thread, juta yarn, Icelandic plötulopi wool,Azerbaijan wool, cotton cord, raw juta fiber,rattan rope, raw wool, mohair wool, linen rope, viscose raffia, recycled wool, variable dimensions

“Entangled: Threads & Making” curated by Karen Wright, Turner Contemporary, Margate, United Kingdom, 2017

Fibre Naturali, 2016
38 sculture intrecciate e sospese: filo di corda, filo di rafia, filo di juta, plötulopi lana islandese, lana azerbajan, corde di cotone, fibra di juta grezza, corda di erba palustre, lana grezza, lana mohair, corda di lino, rafia di viscosa, lana reciclata, dimensioni variabili

Timelapse footage, Installation in the gallery of Turner Contemporary for the show, Entangled: Threads & Making curated by Karen Wright
Entangled: Threads & Making, Sat 28 Jan - Sun 7 May 2017 curated by Karen Wright, Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK

Karen Wright, Curator says:  

..Anziché’s idea of physically entering the works creating a dialogue
with the work meant that this would hopefully inspire the viewer to look upwards and observe the shapes while being physically encased in the materials.
Unlike most contemporary textile artists who are appalled at the danger of
people touching their work and thus dirtying it, Anziché wanted, no insisted, that the viewer themself become part of the work.
By being within the art-work they could observe others participating in the work or simply enjoy smelling and feeling the material. As each element of the 38 was deliberately sourced in a different material, the smell and touch of each would be very different from the smell and feel of Icelandic wool is very different from the smell and touch of jute and so fort.
Karen Whrigt 2018

Natural fibers, 38 pieces, 2016 from Paola Anziche on Vimeo.