Ambient, sound performance, different materials, 300 x 150cm x 250 cm

Installation view, exhibition Rundgang Staedelschule Frankfurt am Main.
In collaboration with Cynthia Markoff, Lars Nixdorff, Juliana Herrero, Amit.

This sculpural enviroment is a physical medium where the sound take place.
When entering the space inside and lying down you can actually perceive the vibrations of the deep sound produced by a performer which is located on the back of the sculpure and is playing through a hole. One performer is hidden inside of the sculputure and plays the sound of the conch-shell. A deep sound models the interir of the space.
The sound travels in the inside sculpture and amplifies within the shape.
The sculpture is the physical media where the sound performance and the visitor defines the space.
The spectator, only by penetrating the resonant space can experience the work.
Blowing in a horn shell, the sound will travel distorce and shape by the space.
Inspired by the sound of a conch shell this installation allows the spectator not only to perceive the object from outside but also to enter, sit or lay down. The space was created with the idea of combining the visible frequencies of the shell sound with the anatomy of the human body.
A research on how to materialize the surface according sound reverberance was carried out as well as anatomic studies in combination with form finding.

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