12.04.'10 - Natura e destino, Galleria Riccardo Crespi, Milano 2010
01.02.'09 - Greater Torino Paola Anzichè Paolo Piscitelli, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, curated by Irene Calderoni, Maria Teresa Roberto, Giorgina Bertolino, Torino
2006 - Shopping-t, Zwei Jahre, Hafen2, organized by Anny und Sibel Öztürk, Offenbach

Shopping-t, symbol of the gift with an economy of exchange. The gift can build relations. If you receive a gift you are let to give it back, and therefore you will enter in a movement, in a circuit, in a choreography of circular behaviours. Linked between each others, these actions and gestures of reflecion can establish interpersonal relationships. The gift goes from habd to hand, as in the mythological image of the Three Graces, where the form of the circle is a figure of the other receive it, the third give it back. In this case the title Shopping-t, is a ironic homage to the circulation of object that become gift.

For Greater Torino this work is presented as a live action that involves the museum’s staff and the public. The art mediators are dressed in special t-shirts designed by the artist, fitted with pockets on different parts of the body and containing fruit. These t-shirts generate sculptural hybrids, in which body, syn- thetic object and organic material blend, prompting a reflec- tion on the interdependence between the self and the outside world. This extends to the relationship with other people as soon as the art mediators offer the fruit to the visitors, who are free to accept it, eat it immediately, or take it with them, away from the exhibition space.

Shopping-t, presentata in mostra nella forma di un’azione che coinvolge lo staff del museo e il pubblico. I mediatori culturali indossanno speciali magliette progettate dall’artista e munite di tasche collocate in corrispondenza di diverse parti del corpo, all’interno delle quali è stipata della frutta. Le magliette danno vita a ibridi scultorei, in cui corpo,oggetto sintetico e materiale organico si fondono, sollecitando una riflessione sulla interdipendenza tra il sé e l’esterno. Questo si dà anche come relazione con l’altro nel momento in cui i mediatori offrono la frutta ai visitatori, che sono liberi di prenderla, mangiarla subito o portarla via con sé, anche al di fuori dello spazio della mostra.

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