Open studio, for the launch of the monograph The Earth Sounds, Viaindustriae, publishing, Torino 2019

installation compose by 9 sculptures
material:cork, paper, raffia, grain, jute fibre, sisal, abaca

The suspended sculptures are made by intertwining natural and vegetable fibers, cork, paper cord, natural raffia, banana fiber (abaca), jute, sisal. The resulting shapes are elongated and irregular. These sculptures come together in an unprecedented environmental installation – emphasized with an interplay of light and shadow that recreates natural lighting as faithfully as possible – that encourages the visitor to interact with the shapes and materials, to look at them, touch them, and physically become part of the artwork: an invitation to refrain from consuming and experiencing things in a hurry, focusing instead on what appears and expanding our imagination.
Through the shapes of these sculptures, I have created a plastic vocabulary starting from the fibers, respecting the properties of their texture where their materials form the shapes.