Intrecci Spazio temporali

Progetto a cura di P. Anziché e M. Crosta (OATo) nell'ambito del programma di divulgazione scientifica per la missione Gaia, finanziato dall'Agenzia Spaziale Italiana.

NeST, The network of spacetime interlacements from Paola Anziche on Vimeo.

"The Time Machine Factory, [unspeakable, speakable] on Time Travel in Turin, dal 14 a l19 Ottobre 2012, Museo di Scienze Naturali, Torino “The Network of Space-time Interlacements” develops a relationship among sculpture, architecture and the public, or among objects, space and bodies through the direct use of the artwork as an “interaction” tool. The Network is made of regularly interlaced elastic strings and fabric in which people are invited to enter and simulate physical interactions dictated by the geometry of space-time created by the physical involvement of their own bodies now part of the structure itself. The movements of each person influence the other participants and, together, transform the macroscopic architecture of the network. At the same time, the entanglement breaks the continuity of the network, symbolizing the boundary between "macro" and "micro", where the interplay between general relativity and quantum mechanics could hide new geometries and interactions still to be discovered ("The space-time entaglement. Relativity of space and time: its origin and its mystery " by F. de Felice). The network creates a structure that follows its users, it provides the conditions for a change in the perception of the surrounding environment, thus stimulating and accommodating different body movements. In this dimension, the experience of each caller becomes that of a participant and, therefore, creating a performance in which the individual movements will determine a multitude of different balances. Physically "belonging" to the exhibition space and actually moving through it materializes what JA Wheeler said "mass tells space-time how to curve, and space-time tells mass how to move". Therefore, the background lattice is transformed into a force field, attracting as well the "intimate" levels of the spectators who became part of it.
The situation that is created is suggestive, playful, and able to involve many people in a highly aesthetic collective action and, at the same time, to return immediately the perception of how the theory of General Relativity "plots" the Universe.

Project by P. Anziché and M. Crosta (OATo) as part of the program for science dissemination and public outreach for the Italian participation in the ESA mission Gaia, funded by the Italian Space Agency ([Intrecci di Rete Spazio- Temporale], INAF-Astrophysical Observatory of Turin, Technical Report no. 158, 26.06.2012).

Collaborators: Mario G. Lattanzi, Roberto Morbidelli and Maria Sarasso.

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