Il faut donner à manger aux gens. Pratiche culturali dell’alimentazione in Camerun, di Paola Anziché e Ivan Bargna

missione di ricerca di Ivan Bargna in Camerun dell'ovest (per conto di LabExpo 2014, Fondazione Giacomo Feltrinelli), realizzato con Paola Anziche

The video produced by Lab Expo and The Giangiacomo Feltrinelli foundation, studies the social and cultural importance of food customs both in the rural and urban tradition, from the city of Douala to the Grassfields. It is the result of research carried out by the anthropologist Ivan Bargna and the artist, Paola Anziché, carried out in Cameroon, between May and June, 2014, in the places in which Ivan Bargna has been working for more than a decade. It is a research project which borders on anthropological documentary and art video.
The video highlights some situations bound to the concrete experience of some people; their every day life, their difficulties, their pleasure, the relationships which are created around food, through the dynamics of sharing and exclusion. The attention focuses especially on the cuisine, at the time of commercialisation and the consumption, but also touching on food production.
From an anthropological point of view, these customs are seen not only as economic practice, but also as moments around which culturally important social relationships are built. It deals with fragments of life stories which allow us to evoke broader social backgrounds such as the different food traditions between city life and country life, the relationship between traditional and modern life, the identifying dimension of the cuisine, the patrimonial policies of the culture, the ritual and sacrificial use of food.

Ricerca, testi, foto e montaggio di Ivan Bargna
Riprese video, foto e montaggio di Paola Anziché

Il faut donner à manger aux gens. Pratiche culturali dell’alimentazione in Camerun 2015 from Paola Anziche on Vimeo.