Workshop ,College of Art, Taiuyan, Shanxi, China June 2019

Weaving Creativity, Western Art&Textile Revolutions
by Paola Anziché and Francesco Bernardelli

Weaving is an activity that can be developed with the participation of people.
It is a fascinating art that we can all learn: the interweaving of threads and the repetitive mechanism with which we get the plot is interesting for the coordination activity and the practical component that can be experienced as playful. A game that is also instructive because it increases the visual-manual coordination as well as the baggage of tactile-sensory knowledge.

The workshop is open to anyone interested or willing to get engaged by a physical and collective dimension of the work. It is through a sort of repetitive action that you can reach a level of full concentration and dexterity.
The interweaving of the threads and the repetitive mechanism, with which the plot is obtained, are essential for the visual-manual coordination, and the achievement of sensorial tactile knowledge.