TO SEE WITH YOUR/MY HAND is the expression of my art practice seen as an hybrid medium between action and communication.

In my artistic practice I make soft, tactile sculptures starting from a process of research in which I investigate the possibility of art to establish relationships with different cultural spheres, such as folklore, ancient rituals, bio-architecture, or the most advanced science. My curiosity leads me to travel extensively and come into contact with different traditions that are then reinterpreted, case by case, through a totally personal method of reinvention. Handiwork, gesture, the focus on the materials utilized (with a particular preference for natural ones),represent the fulcrum of my practice, generating works that invite the viewer to experience their form.
To see with the hands – this is the expression I use to define my activity, in which every project arises independently, becoming a unique sculpture created through experimentation with different weaving and braiding techniques.
The preparation for the manual practice involves gathering texts and images, which have led me to assemble a sort of archive to feed my research. The interest in the gestural aspects of braiding and weaving comes from the idea of reproducing, in time, the simple experience of the gesture that is developed in each case through awareness of the action of the hands to generate infinite
variations, also starting with simple, repetitive movements.
The materials, selected for their physical characteristics, dictate the choices of design and operation through which it is possible to retrace their history, their context of origin, and somehow their uniqueness.