TO SEE WITH YOUR/MY HAND is the expression of my art practice seen as an hybrid medium between action and communication.

I investigate, though different media and materials, the possibilities of art to cross and connect distant disciplinary fields: from folk traditions to antropological art to scientific research.
I developed my practice on the relationship between sculpture, architecture and public, i.e. between object, space and body. Every aspect of my art practice is based on its relationship with the user. This means that the work takes shape just when the public and private spheres come together.

Key dimension of my work is the interaction, the environmental unit between the body and the ambient, the precariousness, which form its creative undercurrent and help exploring the mechanisms of the participation.
I am interested in art as an all-encompassing sensorial experience, acting upon the body through the senses and the mind. Each element exists in a
relationship with the other components, and the work of art leads an unstable life the moment the two meet. Interaction is a central element in my works, we could say it is their creative principle, and aims at exploring the mechanisms of perception and of the construction of the Self.

Movement, thought, ideas transform and consume the object, offering an indefinite, open interpretation, a structured movement. Movement writes spaces, marks the passage of time, opens the mind to thought associations, guiding us as we move on from a set of starting conditions. In the participatory mode (much closer to my practice), instead, this separation gets reduced, sometimes even erased, for if the object can no longer be perceived as something outside the self, in turn the separation between self and the world dissolves, and the body becomes a ‘receptacle’ of every power that has to do with otherness