Sciami, 2020
variable dimensions, textile, natural beeswax

The work was born from the encounter between the artist’s activity and a beekeeper.
Fascinated by the complex world of bees, Paola Anziché used the experience of the residency as an opportunity to experiment with the use of natural material.
The installation, made with textures of fabric soaked in melted wax, appears to the viewer as a suspended organism, similar to a beehive. The work, created in recent months in a condition of isolation, brought the artist closer to the rediscovery of the therapeutic qualities and beneficial virtues that a natural substance such as beeswax possesses.
Its perfume transmits warmth and protection, balances, comforts and helps to harmoniously integrate the contrasting aspects of the personality.
It is starting from this awareness that Paola Anziché re-proposes the experience lived in the first person to the viewer, who, welcomed between the meshes of the work, is called to question himself on the healing power of nature, as well on the ideas of empathy and symbiosis with other species. (Andrea Lerda)

The irregular handmade weaved works are the result of a practice between weaving and painting that draws sequences of patterns evoking Simon Hantaï’s “folds” or Christian Dotremont’s “logograms”.
Open forms conjure a possible interpretation in an approach that becomes therapeutic, beyond the more visibly aesthetic and spiritual dimension.
The works possess their own fragrance, sweet as honey, produced by bees that collect pollen from flowers; the combination of colors - in the soft textures - could recall a lawn blooming in spring.