Exihbition view, Careof, Milan, Italy, project curated by Francesca Pasini
In collaboration with Cristina Conoci, Cristina Crippa, Marcella Panasci', Ivana Messina

Four sculptures: 2 x 330 x 250 cm, 2 x 440 x 320 cm
one video projection, two videos on monitor, series of A4 photos on the wall

The carpet embodies a working ground dynamic as well as physical.
It represents a mobile and transformable floor, able to produce modes of space horizontal as well vertical. It embodies a dividing line as well as a connecting force in between us and the ground, and more important between us and the surrounding space.
As a limited fraction of space, the carpet becomes a physical metaphor for an idea of territory, as well of travel, transition and nomadism.
Several functions emerge : it can be worn, it can be used as a shelter as well
as a light and temporary construction.


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