Le Fibre di Baku a Milano,
GAP – Global Art Programme, Waiting for Expo 2015
Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan

The programme, which continued until March 2015, will conclude with an exhibition of all the works produced by participants. This exhibition will be in the cultural programming of Expo Milano 2015. The artists, involved in the project, are: Alaa Abu Asad, Paola Anziché, Emanuela Ascari, Beatrice Catanzaro, Richard Cramp, Luca De Leva, Egemen Demirci, Cleo Fariselli, Gabriele Garavaglia, Ramal Kazimov, Alessandro Piangiamore, Julie Vacher, Pep Vidal, Asim Waqif. At the final exhibition a catalogue will be published with images of all producted works and texts written by involved artists and curators.

The project was conceived by Artegiovane Milan, promoted by FARE, with the contribution of Regione Lombardia, in collaboration with Comune di Milano and the patronage of Expo Milano 2015.

106x 19 cm altezza 42 x 55x 36 12 pezzi, 1.50x 80 cm 28x20 altezza 35 x 32x17 altezza 36x29x14