September 24, La pratica del bianco, Palazzo Ferrero, Biella


October 2021
Lecture/presentation invited by Threads of Innovations by Aleksandra Raonic and Jay Thakkar at the NTNU Faculty of Architecture and Design, Norway, CEPT, India, Department of Architecture and Technology

December 2021/January 2022,
Residency program New Roots Foundation, Antigua, Guatemalain collaboration with architect Anna Filippi


February 2022 La terra suona at QUARTZ STUDIO, 10124 Torino Italy


Bauhaus Festival 2021, Dessau, Tissue Games

Cat's cradle// Performance by Paola Anziché (Italy)


Paola Anziché is concerned with interactive exercises such as weaving without a loom. For her, creative weaving is a simple and involving activity that is created through the interactive participation of people. It involves weaving threads in a repetitive mechanism coordinated by the group. This playful, hands-on exercise increases visual-manual coordination as well as tactile-sensory skills, so that, among other things, the imagination of the participants is strengthened.

In contrast, she chose the full-body exercise Cat's cradle as an interactive performance for the Bauhaus Festival 2021. Here, the participants decide on a particular drawing and combine it with two or three contributions from other participants in order to (re)present them with their own bodies. The performative action consists of transferring and dissolving the drawings into a practical, manual and physical exercise. Part of the performance is the challenge of one's own expectations, as the realisation always turns out to be different than anticipated.

24.02 2021- Interview with Hortense Pisano.


My book is out

La terra suona / The Earth Sounds, Paola Anziché
Ed. Viaindustriae publishing
bn e colori/bw and color, 156 pp., 28×20 cm, it/eng, 2019
ISBN 978-88-97753-53-7

The book collects texts that transversally narrates the work of artist Paola Anziché – dealing with themes, techniques, materials – and images. The waving, the natural fibers, the act of weaving, the raw materials, the entanglements are main characters of her work. “In my artistic practice I make soft, tactile sculptures starting from a process of research in which I investigate the possibility of art to establish relationships with different cultural spheres, such as folklore, ancient rituals, bio-architecture, or the most advanced science. My curiosity leads me to travel extensively and come into contact with different traditions that are then reinterpreted, case by case, through a totally personal method of reinvention. Handiwork, gesture, the focus on the materials utilized (with a particular preference for natural ones), represent the fulcrum of my practice, generating works that invite the viewer to experience their form.” Paola Anziché.
Texts by: Margarida Brito Alves & Giulia Lamoni, Francesca Picchi, Francesca Pasini, Karen Wrigh, Sandro Caranzano.